Alternative Fuels Group

Alternative Fuels Group's diesel fuel formulation meets or exceeds every applicable test under the petroleum diesel standard. AFG diesel can be used directly in diesel engines and performs as well or better than petroleum diesel meeting ASTM D975. It is manufactured by a novel blending method that requires no catalysis or heating.

AFG Alt30™diesel is 30% organic and renewable, and can utilize any plant oil.

AFG fuels can be produced for substantially lower cost per gallon than other biologically based fuels, in part because plant infrastructure costs are lower than for biodiesel.  AFG offers jobbers and distributors a renewable diesel fuel that improves performance and profitability.

AFG fuels can be manufactured anywhere that petroleum diesel can be stored.  There are no co-products or hazardous byproducts resulting from manufacturing.  AFG fuels are well suited to distributed manufacturing, simplifying logistics for distribution partners and end customers.

AFG Alt30™diesel is entirely compatible with No. 2 petroleum diesel, and therefore runs in any engine designed to run No. 2 petroleum diesel.

Because AFG diesel can be made from non-food plants, its production need not affect food prices.

AFG Alt30™ has undergone extensive chemical, emissions, and dynamometer testing - results are available to prospective customers.

Renewable Fuels that Work

Alternative Fuels Group produces of renewable fuels that are cost-effective, friendly to the environment, and are drop-in replacements for ASTM D-975 diesel.